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Relaxation Facial

What is it?

Our relaxation facial is a beautiful gift you can treat yourself with, an hour of relaxation, pampering, and glowing skin.

What to expect for your treatment

You will be nestled into an aesthetic bed and covered with a light blanket, with the glow of a salt lamp lighting the room and relaxing music softly playing in the background. Your skin care specialist will begin by doing a deep cleansing and exfoliation of your skin. You will then enjoy a relaxing steaming of the skin to open the pores and detoxify your skin. A rejuvenating face mask that best supports your skin type will be applied to your skin. While the face mask is working it’s magic, you will receive a gentle massage of the décolletage. Once the face mask is removed, serum(s) are applied to your skin, determined by what your skin is craving at the time. A soothing, relaxing massage of the face with Rosa Graf moisturizer completes the facial.

You are sure to leave the appointment refreshed, relaxed, with beautiful, glowing skin and a pampered soul.

Relaxation Facial


Price Per Session