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Hollywood Facial (Carbon Laser Facial)

What is The Hollywood Facial?

The Hollywood facial, AKA Carbon Laser Facial, China Doll Facial, or Black Doll Laser Facial, is a beautiful laser treatment that gives your skin a quick refresh. Benefits of our Hollywood Facial include: stimulating collagen production, clears and shrinks pores, eliminates dead skin cells, mildly supports with sun damage, and rejuvenates the skin leaving it with a radiant glow, all with no downtime.
Our Hollywood Facial supports those of you who may be suffering from acneic skin. The energy kills all bacteria, including acne bacteria, on the skin; shrinks your sebaceous (oil) glands, ultimately reducing oil production which leads to breakouts; decongests the skin; decreases cyst size and papules, and cleans out the pores, helping to reduce blackheads and whiteheads.

How Does it Work?

First, we apply a thin layer of medical-grade carbon gel to your skin, allowing the gel to penetrate into your pores. The carbon bonds with the debris in your pores. Next, we use a ND-YAG laser to remove the carbon. When the carbon is removed with the laser, the debris inside of your pores gets destroyed, along with the dead skin cells. The energy administered to your skin works in two different ways. First the laser targets the melanocytes (pigmentation) in the skin, breaking them up for your body to naturally remove through your lymphatic system. Secondly, the skin is heated by the energy which causes the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Am I a good candidate for the Hollywood Facial?

Yes! Our Hollywood Facial can be performed on all skin types. You are not a good candidate if you have very sensitive skin, if you have any active infections or open lesions, if you are prone to keloid scarring, if you are on any medications that make your skin photosensitive, if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have epilepsy, or if you have any serious medical conditions such as heart disease or cancer. If you have recently had botox or filler, there is a 2 week waiting period before receiving any of our laser treatments.

How many sessions are required?

Results are seen after just one session. You may choose to have a single session if you are going to an event or are having a beautiful evening out. To get optimal results, receiving treatment every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended.

What does it feel like?

No it doesn’t hurt! There is very little pain or discomfort. The sensation you will experience is a slight prickly sensation and warmth. Clients describe the sensation as tickly.

How to prepare (pre-treatment)

Avoid certain activities, medications causing photosensitivity, and other products for two weeks prior to your procedure. You must avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, chemical peels, waxing, skin care products containing Vitamin A, sucy as RetinA, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. You must avoid using hydroquinone (whitening creams). The area should be free from moisturizers and make-up.

What to expect afterwards and aftercare (post-treatment)

After the treatment you can expect your skin to be smoother, radiant, glowing and instantly refreshed! Your skin may be slightly pink, and this should disappear within a few hours. Your pores will be cleaned out and tighter, your collagen will be stimulated, resulting in a softer appearance of lines. If you typically have oily or acneic skin, your skin will be less oily (as the bacteria has been killed and the oil in your pores has been reduced). Aftercare is minimal, cleanse your skin before bed and don’t apply anything overnight, as this will allow the skin to breathe and support with product absorption the next morning. You must wear sunscreen, spf minimum 30 or higher, and avoid tanning. You must also avoid using Retin-A, glycolic and salicylic acids for one week. Hyaluronic acid is safe to use on day two, in fact it is encouraged to boost hydration. Avoid abrasive exfoliants for a few days.

How long do results last?

Results vary, as it will depend on the condition of your skin, your skin type and your lifestyle. You will absolutely notice results after a single treatment, however for long-term results regular treatments are recommended.

Possible Side Effects

A slight pinkness of the skin after the treatment and a tingly sensation is possible, however there should not be any side effects post-treatment of our Hollywood Facial.