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PicoSure™ Tattoo Removal

The PicoSure™ Laser is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser platform that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as acne scars, skin rejuvenation, skin pigmentation issues and tattoo removal. The PicoSure™ Laser uses photomechanical action and distributes pulses in picoseconds.
The thing that sets the PicoSure™ apart from other lasers is its accelerated ability to perform, shattering ink molecules in trillionths of a second. With a pulse width that is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, these short energy bursts shatter and eliminate unwanted pigment without harming surrounding skin. PicoSure™ uses improved photomechanical action and better clearance, offering finer results with fewer treatments.

Advantages of Picosure™ Laser for Tattoo Removal

Who Can Have PicoSure™ Laser Treatment?

The PicoSure™ Laser is safe to be used on ALL skin types and tones. (Therapy using the PicoSure™ Laser is contraindicated for clients who have seizure disorders triggered by light, are pregnant or breastfeeding)

Is The PicoSure™ Laser Safe?

There are minimal risks associated with the PicoSure™ Laser. The PicoSure™ is safer than many alternative lasers that rely on heat to produce the results.